small press publishers


aio publishing speculative fiction
akashic books (usa)
amra imprint poetry, local history, old english (united kingdom)
anglo-saxon books aspects of early english history, language and culture (united kingdom)
arago press (united kingdom)
arc publications contemporary poetry (united kingdom)
arehouse press poetry (united kingdom)
arkham house publishers fantasy horror
arrowhead press poetry (united kingdom)
a shoal of mackerel (united kingdom)
ash tree press supernatural fiction


babbage press sf fantasy horror
bad press prose, poetry, criticism (united kingdom)
barque press poetry and essays (united kingdom)
bee poetry, postcards, press and magazine (united kingdom)
bereshith publishing sf fantasy
blue orange publishing (united kingdom)
bohemian ink publishing sf fantasy fiction

C (united kingdom)
cemetary dance publications horror fantasy
changeling press erotic fiction
city lights publishers
coach house books fiction, poetry (canada)
coffee house press (usa)
crowswing books children's books (united kingdom)
curbstone press (usa)


dark regions press sf fantasy horror
diesel ebooks
dissident editions poetry (united kingdom)
donald m grant publisher fantasy (united states)
dragonheart press poetry (united kingdom)


edge and tesseract books science fiction, fantasy (united states)
elastic press fantasy (united kingdom)
elder signs press science fiction, fantasy
equipage (united kingdom)
etruscan books poetry (united kingdom)
exact change


fedogan & bremer publishers sf fantasy horror

gauntlet press sf horror fantasy
graywolf press


happenstance press poetry (united kingdom)
hastings press local books, women's interest (united kingdom)
headpress cult literature comix weird fiction
hearing eye poetry (united kingdom)
heart of albion press local history, old english literature, mythology, archeology etc (united kingdom)
hippocampus press classic horror sf
honno welsh women's press (united kingdom)
house of anansi press (canada)

isfic press science fiction, fantasy (united states)



katabasis books poetry and prose (united kingdom)
kettilonia poetry (united kingdom)
killernovels, free novel downloads
kittiwake editions (united kingdom)


leafe press poetry (united kingdom)
legion press fantasy horror sf
list of little press publications (united kingdom)


malinche entertainment interactive fiction (united states)
matchbox poetry poetry (united kingdom)
meisha merlin publishing sf fantasy horror
milkweed editions
moontress press visionary metaphysical magical realism mystical
mucusart publications poetry and short fiction (united kingdom)
mundania press sf fantasy horror romance historical mystery


necronomicon press weird fiction
necro publications horrror
nesfa press sf
night shade books sf fantasy horror
northernsky press politics and poetry (united kingdom)


object permanence poetry (united kingdom)
old earth books science fiction, fantasy (united states)
oleander press travel and translation (united kingdom)
original plus poetry (united kingdom)
overlook connection bookstore and press sf horror mystery


pendragon press science fiction, horror, fantasy (united kingdom)
perceval press
phantasia press sf



ravenhall books european history, napoleonic era (united kingdom)
ravenshead publications (united kingdom)
reality street editions contemporary writing (united kingdom)
redjack sf
royal piper of the glen children's books (united kingdom)


salt publishing poetry contemporary fiction drama (united kingdom)
sarabande books poetry, short fiction (usa)
sarob press horror supernatural dark mystery
scrybe press sf fantasy horror
seascape press fantasy fiction art
selkirk lapwing press poetry (united kingdom)
sense of wonder press sf fantasy horror
serpent's tail publishing (united kingdom)
shearsman books poetry (united kingdom)
sixties press poetry magazine (united kingdom)
smallpress blog
soft skull press
stone dragon press sf horror fantasy
stride publications (united kingdom)
subterranean press fantasy horror
swimming kangaroo books science fiction, fantasy


tachyon publications science-fiction and fantasy (united states)
the mystery box
thirteenth moon (united kingdom)
thoth publications metaphysical (united kingdom)
tolling elves (united kingdom)
transylvania press horror
triquest publishing fantasy
tta press fantasy sf
tyrannosaurus press sf fantasy



vane women word web (united kingdom)
vehicule press (canada)


weaver press (zimbabwe)
weproductions (united kingdom)
west house books poetry (united kingdom)
white leaf press (united kingdom)
wildside press sf fantasy
writers of the future sf fantasy


yellow moon press



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