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[Interview] Peter Tomlinson

Peter Tomlinson is author of The Petronicus Legacy series of books. So far, the series is made up of three novels: The Stones of Petronicus (Bewrite Books, 2004); The Time of Kadrik (Bewrite Books, 2006) and The Voyages of Delticos (Bewrite Books, 2007). He has also published four poetry volumes: Whispers in the Dust (Hengist Enterprises, 1999); Reflections in the Rock (Hengist Enterprises, 2000); Echoes in the Stones (Hengist Enterprises, 2001) and Tunnels of the Mind (Bluechrome, 2004). His two short stories collections, To Tell the Tale (2000) and The Short Straw Society (2002) where both published by Hengist Enterprises. In a recent interview, Peter Tomlinson spoke about his writing. How would you describe your writing? For about ten years I concentrated on writing poetry and have had nearly 300 poems published by about 80 small press magazines in the U.K. and abroad. I continue submitting poetry to numerous magazines in the U.K. and abroad. I prefer poetry

[Interview] Dennis N. Griffin

Crime writer Dennis N. Griffin has written and published six novels and three non-fiction books about Las Vegas police and organized crime history. Four of his six novels, The Morgue (1996); Red Gold (2000); Killer In Pair-A-Dice (2001) and Blood Money (2002) were published by AuthorHouse while the remaining two, One-Armed Bandit (2002) and Pension (2004) where released through Publish America. His three non-fiction books, Policing Las Vegas (April 2005); The Battle for Las Vegas: The Law vs. the Mob (2006) and Cullotta: The Life of a Chicago Criminal, Las Vegas Mobster and Government Witness (2007) were all published by Huntington Press. In a recent interview, Dennis Griffin spoke about the work he is doing. When did you start writing? I began writing my first manuscript in 1994, following my retirement from a 20-year career in law enforcement and investigations in New York State . My motivation at that time wasn’t money or fame. It was solely to tell the story of

[Interview] Dyan Garris

Dyan Garris is a clairvoyant, musician and author. She has written and produced six music compilations, among them, A Healing Journey: The Voice of the Angels CD , Reflection and Patterns . Her books include The Book of Daily Channeled Messages , Voice of the Angels Cookbook: Talk to Your Food! Intuitive Cooking and A Healing Journey: Spiritual Journey Cards , which were all published by Journeymakers, Inc. during the course of this year. In a recent interview, Dyan Garris spoke about the work she is doing. When did you decide you wanted to be a writer? Writing has always been an outlet and a way to express the many reflections of what is deep in my soul for as long as I could put pen to paper. I can't remember a time when I didn't write, draw or express on paper. I think I first knew I had a talent for it and a love for it in ninth grade Creative Writing class. When everyone else would cringe at a creative writing assignment, I would be ecstatic. My teacher tol

[Interview] Sam Smith

Sam Smith is one of the most versatile writers currently living and working in Britain today. He has written and published over a dozen novels, among them, The Care Vortex (BeWrite Books 2002), The End of Science Fiction (BeWrite Books, 2004) and We Need Madmen (Skrev Press, 2007). His poetry collections include To Be Like John Clare (University of Salzburg Press, 1997), Pieces (K.T. Publications, 2001) and Rooms and Dialogues (Boho press, 2005). His sole nonfiction book, Vera and Eddy's War (BeWrite Books, 2002), recaptures a British working-class couple's experience of World War II. In addition to this, Smith publishes Original Plus books. He also edits The Journal (once The Journal of Contemporary Anglo-Scandinavian Poetry ) as well as BeWrite Books' " The Select Six " poetry column. In a recent interview, Sam Smith spoke about his writing. How would you describe your writing? I tend to switch between genres… thrillers, SF, and mainstream… which is pr

[Interview] Shobhan Bantwal

Novelist and playwright, Shobhan Bantwal has a master's degree in public administration from Rider University and works for a government agency in New Jersey. She was born and raised in Belgaum , a small town in Southwestern India and moved to the United States, as a young bride, in an arranged marriage. The Dowry Bride (Kensington Books, 2007) is her first published novel. Bantwal also writes plays in Konkani , her mother tongue and performs them on stage at Indian-American conventions. Her short fiction and other articles have been published in newspapers and magazines that include India Abroad , , and New Woman India . In a recent interview, she spoke about her writing. How would you describe the writing you are doing? The Dowry Bride is my first book. It was published by Kensington Books on August 28. The book is based on India's notorious dowry system and its atrocities but it also tells a tale of hope, triumph and the resilience of the hu