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If you are a writer and would like to be featured on Conversations with Writers, please go over the questions below and email your responses to amusiyiwa[AT]googlemail[DOT]com together with a brief bio, a photo of yourself and links to any blogs or websites that are associated with your writing.

Because the questions are generic, the interview works best if writers respond in as much detail as possible. We will send you a link to the article as soon as it is posted on Conversations with Writers.

What we would like to know is:
  1. When did you start writing?
  2. How, why and when did you decide you wanted to be a published writer? How did you go about it? What did you do to achieve this end?
  3. How would you describe the writing you are doing?
  4. Who is your target audience? What motivated you to start writing for this audience?
  5. In the writing you are doing, which authors influenced you most? Why did they have this influence?
  6. How have your own personal experiences influenced your writing?
  7. What are your main concerns as a writer? How do you deal with these concerns?
  8. What are the biggest challenges that you face? And, how do you deal with these challenges?
  9. Do you write everyday? How does each session start? How do you proceed? How, where and why does it end?
  10. How many books have you written so far? (Please include titles, publisher, date of publication and a brief description of the book/books.)
  11. What is your latest book about?
  12. How long did it take you to write the book?
  13. Where and when was it published?
  14. How did you chose a publisher for the book? Why this publisher? What advantages and/or disadvantages has this presented? How are you dealing with these?
  15. Which aspects of the work you put into the book did you find most difficult? Why do you think this was so? How did you deal with these difficulties?
  16. Which aspects of the work did you enjoy most? Why is this?
  17. What sets the book apart from other things you've written?
  18. In what way is it similar to the others?
  19. What will your next book be about?
  20. What would you say has been your most significant achievement as a writer?


Do have a contact for Peter Tomlinson. There is a Celebration of poet Josephine Austin's life in Hastings this month and the organisers are trying to make contact with him as I believe he was a regular at the Hastings Poetry Festival.
Please help if you can

Bob Jones

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