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[Interview] Sean Parker

Sean Parker's debut novel, Junkyard Dog (BeWriteBooks, 2007) has been described as "an explosive mix of raw power and brutal energy." The novel, which is set in Manchester, is the first of a trilogy of crime fiction thrillers exploring the city's mean streets. In a recent interview, Sean Parker spoke about his writing. When did you decide you wanted to be a writer? My first job was as an engineer working in the nuclear power industry. At that time I used to read a lot of westerns, especially those by such quality authors as Paul Wellman , Will Henry and Louis L'Amour and, as time went on, I decided to write one of my own. After completion, the manuscript went out to the genre publishers. I knew that very soon I would be taking up shelf space next to Louis. The rejection slips began to land on the carpet with some regularity, accompanied by the words: "Unfortunately the manuscript is not suitable for our list, but you may well find another publisher who thi

[Interview] Alessio Zanelli

Alessio Zanelli is a private financial adviser and a poet. He was born in 1963 in Cremona, a small town in Lombardy, northern Italy, where he still lives and works. He began writing poetry in 1985, at first in both English and Italian and then exclusively in English, a language he has been learning on his own. He has published four poetry collections. Loose Sheets (UpFront Publishing, 2002); Small Press Verse & Poeticonjectures (Xlibris, USA, 2003) and Straight Astray (Troubador Publishing, UK, 2005) are in English while 33 Poesie/33 Poems (Starrylink, ITA, 2004) is in both English and Italian. His poems have also appeared in a range of literary magazines and journals that include Potomac Review , Möbius , Skyline Literary Magazine , The Journal and Freexpression . In a recent interview, Alessio Zanelli spoke about his writing. When did you start writing? In 1985. At first I simply wrote lyrics for a couple of local rock bands, then I began writing poems. I abandoned my mothe