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[Interview] Tendai Huchu

Podiatrist and author, Tendai Huchu was born in 1982, in Bindura, Zimbabwe. He attended Churchill High School in Harare and currently lives in Edinburgh, Scotland. The Hairdresser of Harare (Weaver Press, 2010)  is his first published novel. In this interview, Tendai Huchu talks about his writing: When did you start writing? I have been writing since I was in school. I was sub-editor of The Churchill Times , my school newspaper. I even won a couple of national essay contests. But that was mainly articles. I started writing fiction when I was 23 because I felt I had a story to tell. I wanted to express myself and share ideas with other people. I knew I wanted to get published round about the time I started writing ... so ... I wrote and pitched to publishers ... four years later, here I am. How would you describe your writing? I hope it is literary fiction ... I come from an oral tradition ... so I am mainly a storyteller. I enjoy a good plot with great characters and dyna

[Interview] Alana Abbott

Freelance writer, an editor and a role-playing games developer, Alana Abbott is the author of two novels, Into the Reach (White Silver Publishing, 2006) and Departure (White Silver Publishing, 2007). Her stories have been featured in online magazines that include Coyote Wild Magazine ; The Edge of Propinquity and the collaborative writing project, Baeg Tobar . She has also been published in a number of anthologies, among them, Ransom: The Anthology (Enchirdion Books, 2008); Crown Tales (Dark Quest Games, 2008) and Crown Tales 2 , (Dark Quest Games, ___). In this interview, Alana Abbott talks about her writing: When did you start writing? I started writing in grade school, making up stories in other people's worlds. By middle school, I had started creating worlds of my own, and after finishing a 'novel', the summer before my freshman year of high school, I decided to make it my G&T (gifted and talented) project for the year to attempt getting it published.