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[Interview] Dylan Birtolo

Dylan Birtolo is the author of two novels, The Shadow Chaser (Inkwater Press, 2004) and The Bringer of War (Lulu, 2008). He is also the co-author of Colonial Gothic , a role-playing game and has short stories that have been published in places that include the anthology of short stories, Ransom (Athor Productions, 2008)); the multi-media epic fantasy setting,   Baeg Tobar ; and the e-zine, The Edge of Propinquity . In this interview, Dylan Birtolo talks about his writing: When did you start writing? I started writing back when I was in third grade and we had to write out our stories in cursive writing on paper with the one inch margins drawn on them. I actually still have the very first story that I ever wrote. It was required to be one page long and tell a story, mine was 17 pages. At this point, I knew that I wanted to be a storyteller and share stories with people. Ever since then, I have always been telling stories in many formats - writing, orally making up stories o

[Interview] Scott B. Pruden

Scott B. Pruden  is a longtime newspaper and freelance journalist. He has written for a number of newspapers and magazines throughout the United States. He made his debut as a novelist with the publication of Immaculate Deception (Codorus Press, 2010). In this interview, he talks about his writing: Do you write everyday? I do write every day, but it's not always on fiction. Many days the responsibilities of my freelance writing takes precedence. On the days I'm actively working on a fiction project, I begin between 5 and 5:30 a.m., sitting at the computer with a few cups of coffee. I simply write straight through until around 7 a.m. or when my children wake up. I might do some editing later in the day if time permits, but I've found burning through an initial draft lets you get all your main ideas recorded so you can go back and hone and organize later. How many books have you written so far? Immaculate Deception is my first novel. It was published in April