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[Interview] Virginia W. Dike

Virginia W. Dike is Professor of Library and Information Science at the University of Nigeria where she specialises in school libraries, children's literature and library services. She is also one of the founders of The Children's Centre , a comprehensive educational and recreational facility for children and young people that includes a model children's library. In addition to that, she is a director with the Libraries for Literacy Foundation , a non-governmental organisation that works to extend library services to schools, communities and prisons and to generate local learning resources. Her books include Library Resources in Education (Abic, 1993) and the children's non-fiction books,  Birds of Our Land: A Child’s Guide to West African Birds (2nd ed. Abuja, Nigeria: Cassava Republic, 2011) and Why We Need Trees (Cassava Republic, Forthcoming). In this interview, Virginia Dike talks about her writing and about the state of Nigerian children's lite