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Interview _ Ellie Stevenson

Ellie Stevenson was born in Oxford and brought up in Australia. She is a member of the Careers Writers' Association and the Alliance of Independent Authors . She writes feature articles and short stories. Her first novel, Ship of Haunts: the other Titanic story (Rosegate Publications, 2012), which is available as an e-book and as a paperback , has been described as " engaging and lively ... a real page-turner " and as " thoroughly enjoyable ". In this interview, Ellie Stevenson talks about her concerns as a writer: When did you start writing? When I was 10. I spent part of my childhood in Australia, and I would lie in bed and listen to the sounds of the Australian bush, and think about what I could do with my life. My first published work was a poem published in an Australian state newspaper. Then came a hiatus, quite a long one, but fortunately, that’s over now. How would you describe your writing? Fairly eclectic. Primarily I’m focused o