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[Interview_2] C. Y. Gopinath

C. Y. Gopinath has worked as a journalist, a film director, and a community development worker. His books include Travels with the Fish  (Harper Collins, 1999) and the novel, Book of Answers . In this email interview, C. Y. Gopinath talks about his new book, Hoyt’s War . What is your latest book about? I just finished writing Hoyt’s War . The story is set in USA 2020, after four years of a very Trump-like President called Barry Codbag have made America the most ridiculed and reviled nation on the planet. It’s strange that my main ‘villain’ was every bit as irrational, maverick, and a dangerous loose cannon as Donald Trump. Campaigning now for four more years in the Oval Office, Codbag needs new and more diabolical distractions to confuse the electorate. Along comes an ordinary retiring American, Daniel Hoyt, a man who just would rather be left alone in peace. Hoyt knows he’s in trouble when he inherits an ancient but locked book said to contain answers to all of Americ