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Interview _ Renata Strzok

Renata Strzok is a writer, blogger, translator, and technical writer. As a member of a student creative writing group, she had some of her stories, both in Polish and in English, published at CREATURE: Sekcja Creative Writing KNA UJ and currently is co-editing the second short story anthology to be published by the group. Strzok also blogs at Uczę się mówić , which she describes as "a mixture of personal reflections, mostly on the issues of mental health, quotes, angry rants, and short fiction." She finished her MA studies in translation and intercultural communication at the Jagiellonian University, and since then has cultivated her interest in translation through workshops and projects such as Yeats Reborn and Journeys in Translation . For two years, she has been working in the area of technical communication. In this interview, Renata Strzok talks about creative writing, Journeys in Translation and poetry. How would you describe your writing? Most of my wri

Interview _ Monica Manolachi

Monica Manolachi is a poet, a literary translator, and a lecturer at the University of Bucharest, Romania, where she teaches English in the Department of Modern Languages and where she completed her PhD in 2011. Her research interests are American, British and Caribbean literature and culture, postcolonial studies and contemporary Romanian and Eastern European literature in translation. Her books include Performative Identities in Contemporary Caribbean British Poetry (Ars Docendi, 2017); and the poetry collections, Joining the Dots / Uniti Punctele (PIM, 2016),  Poveștile Fragariei către Magul Viridis   (Fragaria’s Stories to Magus Viridis) (Brumar, 2012) and Roses (Lumen, 2007). In September 2016, her Antologie de poezie din Caraibe was awarded the “Dumitru Crăciun” Prize for Translation at the International Festival “Titel Constantinescu”, Râmnicu Sărat. Monica Manolachi has also translated children’s literature by classical authors such as Charles Dickens, Mark Twain

Interview _ Rinita Banerjee

Rinita Banerjee is a freelance copy editor and translator. A recent graduate with a Master's degree in English from the North Carolina State University in the US, she worked, until recently, as an editorial intern at Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill, and has earlier edited social sciences and literature in translation books at an academic publishing outside in India. She also writes short stories and flash fiction. Her work includes " The Door " and " Keeping " both of which have been featured in  Tuck Magazine , an online, political, human rights and arts magazine. In this interview, Rinita Banerjee talks about her writing, poetry and Journeys in Translation . How would you describe the writing that you do? The writing that I do draws from the images, silences and noise that surround me and are within me. Sometimes it draws from the infinitesimal moments that one would really pass on as insignificant: like a sigh, a smell, a streak, a twitch, a li