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Updated March 24, 2010

A growing number of writers are using blogs as a way of making their literary efforts accessible to others. Below are links to some blog novels that we've been able to find. If you know of others, please do send us links and we'll include them here as well.

  1. About Ben Adams by Nora
  2. A Change in the Weather by Robert Gould [Interview]
  3. a fucking awful weekend by Albert
  4. a million penguins, a collaborative novel by various authors
  5. All Saints’ Day Novel (Super-Natural Heroes) by Patricia Herlevi
  6. Anonymous Lawyer by Jeremy Blachman
  7. Bartlett House by Patricia J McLean & Duane Poncy
  8. Beasts of New York by Jon Evans
  9. Blog Love Omega Glee by Wred Fright
  10. Brutus Weaver by A. Chatfield
  11. Bull City-in-Wonderland by Mel & Al
  12. Chaos Fighters by William
  13. Chaos Fighters: Cyber Assault by William
  14. Colony: Alchibah, a group sci-fi blog novel
  15. Corvus, by L. Lee Lowe [Interview]
  16. County Road by Parker Pruett
  17. Dark Inspectre by Jason Kahn
  18. Diamond Walker's Blog by Thomas D'Arcy O'Donnell
  19. Diary of a First Year Grad Student by Jonathan Vining [Interview]
  20. Diary of an Asylum Seeker by Ambrose Musiyiwa
  21. El Adán de metal [Mechanical Adam] by Edward Lancaster
  22. Escape the Beast by Colin Cohen
  23. Five Idiots You Meet in Heaven by Chris McElwain
  24. Flight Paths: a networked novel, with encouragement from Kate Pullinger and Chris Joseph
  25. Frauds, Thieves and other Podvodniks by Colin Cohen
  26. Frostbite by David Wellington
  27. Gold Medal Murder by Cheryl Hagedorn
  28. Good People in Bad Times by Alex Sarmiento
  29. High Frequency by Nicole/Bill(?)
  30. House of Kidz by Colin Cohen
  31. imperfect seven: a romance of sins by 13
  32. In the Absence of White Rabbits by Alma Kroeker
  33. John John by Sam Smith [Interview]
  34. Letters To My Mother by Rebecca Heath
  35. Le Spirale Fantastique by Rohit Gupta
  36. Love After Marx by Stephen Gow
  37. Marionette by Timothy Sparklin
  38. Monster Island by David Wellington [Interview]
  39. Monster Nation by David Wellington
  40. Monster Planet by David Wellington
  41. Mortal Ghost by L. Lee Lowe [Interview]
  42. Mortal Happiness by H Z Hanssen
  43. My Walk by Rob Carr
  44. NotsoRealLifeStory by Danie Nel
  45. Only Begotten by Gary Glass
  46. PeaceMaker: a Thriller by Dan Ronco
  47. Plague Zone by David Wellington
  48. plan b by Diego Doval
  49. Privateers by Frank Martin
  50. Promises Divined by Dora McAlpin [Interview]
  51. Rebirth by Scott McKenzie
  52. Redeemer's Law by Dan Jolley
  53. Simon of Space by Cheeseburger Brown
  54. Single Mother on the Verge by anon
  55. So It Was Cancer by Frank Indiana
  56. Staying Single by Alison Norrington
  57. Sunset by Timothy Sparklin
  58. The Adventures of Rocket Boy and Lotus by Sally Warren
  59. The Book of the Enemy by David Wildman
  60. The Circle of Light by Jack Dillon
  61. The Fat White Woman by Clive Collins [Interview]
  62. The Ghost Danced by Emma Lee [Interview]
  63. The Grimmery by Tamyrlin Ink
  64. The Human Hoax by Mark Alexander
  65. The Meening of Life by G. R. Klein
  66. The Rising by Scott McKenzie
  67. The Tapestries of Oquis Book One: Tangled Threads by Big Mama
  68. The Satan Maneuver by Mark Alexander
  69. Thirteen Bullets by David Wellington
  70. Times Square by Colin Cohen
  71. Tread by Clayton Lindemuth
  72. Worlds Undone by llhaesa [Interview]
  73. You Might As Well Live by Carmen


Anonymous said…
Hi there...

I also have started a blog novel at

"TheBlueBells" by M. Trussell

I post two new chapters each week!
I would appreciate your adding my link and would happily return the favour!


Mark Trussell
Anonymous said…
I have started to post parts of two of my novels with short stories.
Anonymous said…
You can check out an epic sci-fi series of online novels at
Mike Matthews said…
Good post, some good blogs here!
This is a great list! I have a free blog novel as well.

"The Apostate"
SgL said…
Ah - also have a blog novel posting weekly at . It is a fairy-tale based fantasy work.

My current volume is hopefully ending soon before I take a short break and pick up with the second volume.

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