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[Interview_1] John Miller

Author John Miller has more than 40 publishing credits to his name. His stories have appeared in magazines that include Necrotic Tissue ; The Devil's Food Anthology ; Three Crow Press ; Tooth Decay Anthology , and Sonar 4 Magazine . In addition to writing, Miller also edits the online literary magazine, Liquid Imagination as well as 2M Magazine ,which is available in print. He is also on the Board of Trustees for Silver pen which is responsible for the Liquid Imagination sister publication, Silver Blade . He is also the author of the fantasy/horror novella 2012: Kin Bin Tin Nah (Sonar4 Publications, 2009). In this, the first of a five-part interview, John Miller talks about his writing: When did you start writing? I began writing twenty years ago, but I do not feel I actually became a writer until 2007. Let me explain: Twenty years ago my best friend Rich suggested I start writing. We used our Comodore 64 computers. I just knew I was going to be a writer, and I re

[Interview] Esther David

Jewish-Indian author, sculptor and art critic, Esther David writes in English and Gujarati. Her novels include The Walled City (Syracuse University Press, 2002); The Book of Esther (Penguin Global, 2003); The Book of Rachel (Penguin Global, 2007) and Shalom India Housing Society (Feminist Press, 2009). Her work has also been featured in anthologies that include City Stories (Scholastic India, 2007); Growing Up as a Woman Writer (Sahitya Academy, 2007); and India’s Jewish Heritage, Ritual, Art and Life Cycle (Marg Publications, 2003). In this interview, Esther David talks about her writing: When did you start writing? I grew up in our family house in the old walled city of Ahmedabad, where we had a beautiful library with leather bound books and I spent all my spare time reading whenever possible. At sixteen, I went to art school at the Faculty of Fine Arts at Vadodara, where I started writing. I realized that I could write. But I became a sculptor and could not change my p

[Interview] Jeani Rector

Jeani Rector's stories have been featured in magazines that include, Horrormasters ; Hackwriters ; Bewildering Stories ; Aphelion and All Destiny . Her work also appears in the anthologies, The Ethereal Gazette: Issue Three (Lake Fossil Press, 2006) and Fiction Prodigies And Legends Volume 1: Interviews with the New Voices In Horror (New Voices In Fiction Magazine, Edition 1, 2008). Her books include We All Fall Down (AmErica House, 2001); After Dark: A Collection of Horror (PublishAmerica, 2006); Open Grave: The Book of Horror (PublishAmerica, 2008) and Around a Dark Corner (Graveyard Press, 2009). In this interview, Jeani Rector talks about her writing: When did you start writing? In fifth grade, I wanted to be an artist. My teacher told my mother: "Encourage her writing, not her art, because she is better at writing than art." How is that for a twisted endorsement? I started by submitting short stories to magazines. I highly recommend that route fo

[Interview] Chris Wood

Writer and journalist, Chris Wood lives in Manchester, England. He has written about film and books for a variety of publications and is the author of The Ingredients Of A Good Thriller (LDB Publishing, 2008) and Sherlock Holmes and the Underpants of Death (LDB Publishing, 2009). In this interview, Chris Wood talks about his writing: When did you start writing? I was fascinated with books when I was younger. Later on I found I had stories I wanted to tell -- just ideas to explore, usually, and one thing lead to another. At first I did book reviews for a number of places, which I still do occasionally. After having no luck with regular publishers (except in France) I decided to publish my own. It means you can present things as you want. How would you describe your writing? It's very varied. I've written a genre guide and a humour book, and hope to have my first serious fiction out later this year, so fingers crossed for that. My target audience is people who