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[Interview] Rhidian Hughes

Dr Rhidian Hughes has worked in applied health care as well as social care research and has an active interest comparative policy, methodology and ethics. He has lectured widely and has spoken at a number of national and international conferences. In addition to that, he is a visiting senior lecturer at Guy's, King's and St Thomas' School of Medicine. In addition to that, he is also a visiting senior researcher at Institute of Gerontology, King's College London. Books he has authored, co-authored or edited include: Drugs: Policy and Politics (Introducing Social Policy) (Open University Press, 2006);  Reducing Restraints in Health and Social Care: practice and policy perspectives (Quay Books, 2009);   Rights, Risk and Restraint-Free Care of Older People: Person-Centred Approaches in Health and Social Care (Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2009), and  Ageing in East Asia: Challenges and Policies for the Twenty-First Century (Comparative Development and Policy in As

[Interview_1] Julius Sai Mutyambizi-Dewa

Julius Sai Mutyambizi-Dewa is a Zimbabwean poet, songwriter, novelist and playwright. Currently, he lives in Derby, in the United Kingdom. His books include the anthology, Preaching to Priests (Timeless Avatar, 2007) and essay collection, Candid Narratives (I-Proclaim, ____). He was among the first members of the Budding Writers Association of Zimbabwe. In this interview, Julius Sai Mutyambizi-Dewa talks about his writing: When did you start writing? That’s a very difficult question ... in Grade 3 I acted in a school play as "The Narrator" and as we went into Grade 4, I remember my teachers were amazed at my long “compositions” but they were not bored. In 1988, when I had completed the Zimbabwe Junior Certificate, I wrote my first full Shona novel titled, Shamisai . Unfortunately this was not published. Even at that time, I was writing short stories in both Shona and English. And I was brave enough to enter the competition for Zimbabwe’s then new National Anthe