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[Interview] Tristi Pinkston

Tristi Pinkston writes historical and contemporary fiction. So far she has published three novels: Nothing to Regret (Granite Publishing, 2002); Strength to Endure (Granite Publishing, 2004) and Season of Sacrifice (Golden Wings Enterprises, 2008). In this email interview, Tristi Pinkston talks about her writing. When did decide you wanted to be a published writer? I don't know if I decided it or if it decided me. I started writing when I was five years old. If you want to know when I started writing anything good, that would be much later than five. I was 23 when I wrote my first novel. I've always wanted to be a published writer -- I can't remember a time in my whole life when this was not my goal. I sent out a whole ton of magazine articles while writing my first novel, thinking that would help get my name out there, but none of them ever were published. My novel, actually, was the first thing to get published, and then came two more after that. It too

[Interview] Gabriela Folgar de Shea

Gabriela Folgar de Shea was born in El Progreso Guastatoya, a small town in Guatemala. When she was 26 years old, she moved to Canada and settled in the city of Edmonton, Alberta. Her first book, Angels Along My Path Of Thorns (Trafford Publishing, 2007), came second place in the best biography category in the 2008 International Latino Book Awards. In this email interview, Gabriela Shea talks about her writing. Who would you say has influenced you most? Definitely, my husband. He knew about my story soon after we met, and for over a period of twenty-five years he every-so-often would mention that this is a great story that has to be written. How have your personal experiences influenced your writing? Everything in my book is related to my personal experiences. I decided that it was best to be direct and write in the first person. I also decided to dispense with pseudonyms and to use the correct names of all of the personalities in the book. When did you start writing? I s

[Interview] Winnie J. Panicker

Winnie J. Panicker lives in Kerala, India. She published her first poetry collection, Loveliness of Dawn (MaluBen Publications, 2004), when she was 17 years old. She followed this up with Flowers on the Violin which is due out shortly from Bluemango Books. In this email interview, Winnie Panicker talks about her concerns as a writer. When did you start writing? I started writing when I was in my 7th grade. I was 13 then. It was my dad who introduced me the site and in the beginning I used to just write for fun. Later, I realized that poetry was a medium through which I could express myself freely. Then I started writing for that website often. When I started writing, I never had the plan to be a published writer. I just wrote what I felt like writing. When I was in my 10th grade, I had a set of poems in my hands and I thought of publishing them. I talked to my dad and he helped me contact the publishers. My first book, Loveliness of Dawn , was published

[Interview] P. T. Harris

P. T. Harris is an MBA and Citizen’s Police Academy graduate. Her books include the Detective Priscilla Taylor novels, ASSISTdead and REGRETdead . Currently, she is working on a third detective novel, DICTATEdead . In this email interview, P. T. Harris talks about her concerns as a writer. When did you start writing? Like many, I wrote poems and short stories as a kid and I've always read voraciously, dreaming -- with each "The End" -- of someday penning my own stories. Three years ago, after corporate America and I got sideways one too many times, I decided that my talent for "too long emails" might be better utilized. So, instead of crafting another resume, I began my Priscilla Taylor detective series. How did you decide you wanted to be a published author? The idea always burned in me, but the monthly nut called louder. When the epiphany hit that job security is an oxymoron and trying to fit into someone else's suit had worn me out, I did

[Interview] Geoff Nelder

Geoff Nelder has worked as a teacher, a freelance writer and a magazine editor. His books include the novels, Escaping Reality (Brambling Books, 2005) and Hot Air , which is due to be published by a Dutch Arts academy in a few months' time. An extract from his latest novel, Exit, Pursued by a Bee (Double Dragon Publishing, 2008) is available at New Writing International. In this interview, Geoff Nelder talks about his concerns as a writer. When did you start writing? As a student, decades ago, I wrote articles for the college magazine, comedy sketches for end-of-term shows, and I edited a university rag magazine. From the latter I still discover my awful gags in rag mags on sale today! How and why I decided [to write] are inseparable. I didn’t wait to be old to be fascinated by the meaning of life and its demise. Right or wrong, I’d decided there was no supreme supernatural being and hence no afterlife. This meant it was what we left behind that signified our lives a