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[Interview_2] Julius Sai Mutyambizi-Dewa

Julius Sai Mutyambizi-Dewa is the author of Preaching to Priests (Timeless Avatar, 2007); Candid Narratives (i-Proclaim Books, 2010); and, Two Faces One Woman (i-Proclaim Books, 2011): In this interview, Mutyambizi-Dewa talks about his latest play: How would you describe Two Faces One Woman ? The story I tell in Two Faces One Woman touches on contemporary post-colonial societies, especially the crossroads that Zimbabwe finds herself in post-2000. In approaching the topic, I had to set aside my own political affiliations and sympathies and approached the topic from the position of an innocent bystander. I liked the whole idea of a Debbie Scott, a young white Zimbabwean, being the chief defender of the black government where Takubona Mapembwe, the son of a war veteran, comes out as black Zimbabwe’s chief antagonist. What motivated you to take this approach? I have this thing in mind that tries to get the races seeing beyond race and I believe writers have a role to play.

Interview _ The Coffin Factory Folks

In this interview, Laura Isaacman and Randy Rosenthal talk about The Coffin Factory , a magazine that has been described as "a nexus between readers, writers, and the book publishing industry." How would you describe The Coffin Factory ? The Coffin Factory is the magazine for people who love books. We acquire stories, essays, and poems from at least a handful of more-recognizable authors and publish their work alongside those of lesser-known writers, whose work we believe is as compelling and thrilling to read. The high-quality design and content from writers and artists from around the world signals to our readers that each issue is worth reading cover to cover, just as they would a book. What role do you play in the magazine? We are publishers, editors, art directors, and we do the design of both the print magazine and website. What are the most challenging aspects of the work that you do? Publishing a printed, visually engaging magazine that features som