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[Interview] Jan Horwath

Jan Horwath is Professor of Child Welfare at the University of Sheffield Her books include The Child's World: The Comprehensive Guide to Assessing Children in Need (Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2009) and Child Neglect: Identification and Assessment (Palgrave, 2007). She also co-authored Effective Staff Training in Social Care: From Theory to Practice (Routledge ,1998); Working for Children on the Child Protection Register: An Inter-Agency Practice Guide (Ashgate Publishing Limited, 1999) and Making Links Across Specialisms: Understanding Modern Social Work Practice (Russell House, 2003). Before becoming an academic, Jan Horwath worked as a practitioner, trainer and manager in both voluntary and statutory social work settings. In this interview, she talks about her work and the writing it inspired: How did you initially become involved in social work with children and families? As a young social work student I always intended working with children and families ther

[Interview] Eva Gordon

Fantasy and paranormal romance author, Eva Gordon lives in Northern California. Her books include the kabbalistic fantasy,  The Stone of the Tenth Realm as well as the three novels that make up her  Wolf Maiden Chronicles series:  Werewolf Sanctuary (Vanilla Heart Publishing, 2009);  Beast Warrior: Viking Werewolf (Vanilla Heart Publishing, 2009), and  White Wolf of Avalon: Werewolf Knight (Vanilla Heart Publishing, 2010). In this interview, Eva Gordon talks about her writing: When did you start writing? I started seriously writing about 7 years ago. I enjoyed telling stories to my high school students and realized my imagination took me to wonderful places. I wanted to share my stories and getting published became my goal. I joined a critique group, and began to edit and edit. I then sent out my query letters to both agents and publishers. A small UK Press published my first fantasy novel, but we dissolved our contract because they no longer had printing rights in t

5 Tips for Making Good Money as a Freelance Writer

By Ellen Berry The marketplace is full of opportunities for writers. There are always new messages that need to be communicated or old messages that need to be communicated in a new way. There are always people and businesses who need help looking good through the use of good writing. When economic times are challenging, the need to spread the word about products, services, and causes increases exponentially. The following are 10 lessons I learned in the 12 or more years I've been doing work as a writer (in some capacity or another): Know your options - When I dreamed of being a writer in college, I had no idea there were so many options available to me. Certainly I read about careers in marketing, communications, journalism, and technical writing, but I didn't realize that I could be successful and happy doing them. Were I to do it over again, I would have shadowed people at work, taken more practical application classes rather than theory, and participated in internsh