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[Interview] Linda Ballard

Romance novelist Linda Ballard lives in California in the United States. Her books include Dreams of Forever , which was first published by Lavender Isis Press in March 2007, and Moments in Forever (Lulu, 2007). Currently, Linda Ballard is working on the next three books in her "Forever" series of romance novels. In this interview, she talks about her concerns as a writer. How would you describe your writing? 100% Romance! I’m a romantic at heart, and I love the whole process of falling in love. In real life we struggle with our hearts. The uncertainty and fear of when you first fall in love consumes us, unrequited love and the exquisite pain it produces, and the absolute joy when you discover that the man you pined over loves you just as much in return. However, in fiction, that fascinating process can be enhanced into levels of passion the average reader will never completely experienced in life. It is a fantasy of love, but based enough in reality that we can

[Interview] Skylar Sinclair

Skylar Sinclair is an award-winning graphic designer and erotic romance author. Her works includes the eBooks, Rearing Heat (Siren-BookStrand, Inc., 2007), Impassioned Sea (Atlantic Bridge/Liquid Silver Books, 2007), Purr For Me (Phaze, 2007) and The Tome of Unnatural Desires (Tease Publishing LLC, 2007). Her stories have also been featured in anthologies that include Babes in Toyland II (Aspen Mountain Press, 2007), Lust Bites: Volume Two (Total-e-bound, ____) and Coming Together Under Fire (Phaze, 2007). In this interview, Skylar Sinclair talks about her work.* How would you describe your writing? It is almost a dead heat between fantasy and paranormal. With either, they are truly about make-believe to the point, these worlds and realms that are unlike anything one could dream up. These genres create unique places for the readers to loss themselves in, while getting to know wondrous characters and magical happenings. Who is your target audience? I would have to

[Interview] Marcia King-Gamble

Romance novelist, Marcia King-Gamble was born on the island of St. Vincent in the Caribbean. She studied in the United States where she has lived and worked for most of her life. Her books include The Way He Moves (Harlequin, 2008), Shattered Images (Kimani Press, 2006) and A Taste of Paradise (Kimani Press, 2005). In this email interview, Marcia King-Gamble talks about her writing.* Who influenced you the most? Excellent writers like Sandra Kitt as well as my encouraging agent. How have your personal experiences influenced your writing? Personal experiences always influences your writing style or even your mood. As writers we tend to observe people and reflect on the human condition. What would you say are your main concerns as a writer? Book distribution is always of concern for a writer. You want to ensure that your print-run is such it reaches the widest possible market. A challenge for any writer is making sure you get that next contract. Writing is a busine