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[Interview] Robert Gould

Robert Gould is an author, an art editor and a freelance web developer. His blog novel, A Change in the Weather centers around Scarlet and Thomas who move from the city to start a new life in a small English village. The brother and sister soon find that things are not as they seem, and that the nearby Bracken Wood holds a secret which is about to be revealed. In this email interview, Robert Gould talks about his concerns as a writer. When did you start writing? My first proper attempt at writing started at school when I was 12 years old. Thankfully it was never finished. About three years ago, I had a few ideas for a novel I wanted to sketch out. I remember I used an old iBook , and it was a science fiction story, but I eventually relegated that to a folder and forgot about it. It's still on my laptop somewhere, and I'll probably go back to it when my current project is finished. I started writing A Change in the Weather directly after that, when the ideas were just f

Interview _ C. Y. Gopinath

C. Y. Gopinath has worked as a journalist, a film director, and a community development worker. His books include Travels with the Fish (Harper Collins, 1999) and the novel, Book of Answers . In this email interview, C. Y. Gopinath talks about his writing. When did you start writing? 44 years ago. I was twelve, living in Delhi, and I wrote a James Bond spoof for a national youth magazine called JS . After college, I went to work for JS as a traveling reporter, won a national award at 19 for Best Indian Journalist under 35. I’ve been writing since then, but journalistically. Fiction is a new bend in my road. I never really thought I’d be a novelist, although I’ve toyed with the seed of the idea of my first book for nearly 20 years -- a man who doesn’t want to make the world a better place, just wants to be left alone. Here’s how I got yanked into novel writing, by a young man I’d never met: In 1998, a collection of my travel writing was published in India by Harper Coll

[Interview] C. M. Barons

C. M. Barons was born in Rochester, New York. He studied journalism at SUNY New Paltz and graduated with a BA in Communication Arts. An extract from his first novel, In the Midst Of (New Age World Publishing, 2008) is available on the Leicester Review of Books . When did you start writing? I wrote my first short story while in grade school. It wasn't until high school -- by way of two especially inspiring educators that I began to write on a regular basis. In my senior year I became active with the student newspaper, initially as photographer, however my interest quickly shifted to writing. I continued my interest in journalism through college, majoring in Communication Arts. After graduation I was employed as sports editor for a small-city newspaper. I think the newspaper experience fueled my eagerness to be in print. I don't see it as ego-gratification; it's a matter of completeness. In the same sense as music requires performance -- stories need to be

[Interview] Taylor DiVico

Taylor DiVico was born in Syracuse, New York. She has an undergraduate degree in Philosophy from the University of Rhode Island and a Masters Degree in Education from Syracuse University. Her books include Existing the Moments (Dorrance Publishing Company, 2008), a novel -- and Vast and Hazy , a collection of poems that is due to be released in 2009. In this email interview, Taylor DiVico talks about her concerns as a writer. How would you describe your writing? I would describe it as meaningful and hopeful in terms of it being relative to people’s lives and experiences. Also, it is controversial and thought-provoking because it does push limits and ask the reader to contemplate and suspend a certain disbelief in the accepted norm, to philosophize, and to walk away with the idea that life is a vat of endless possibilities. Who is your target audience? I don’t write with the intent of having a target audience. I think people from all walks of life can relate to certa

[Interview] Andrew Feder

Andrew Feder was born in Hollywood, California and grew up in San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles. He lived in Israel for a number of years and has worked, among other things, as a grape farmer, a contractor and owner of a construction company, a driver, an assistant director in the film industry and as a graphic artist. His books include When The Angels Have Risen (Authorhouse, 2005) and The Heretic (Authorhouse, 2007). In this email interview, Andrew Feder talks about his writing. When did you start writing? Well, I began writing in my early college days when I wrote some short stories. Later I began writing editorials in op/eds in local papers. In the early nineties, I re-continued my writing with poems and screenplays which later evolved into writing novels. In 1997, when I completed my first novel, I began looking for an agent which, not until 2000, that it bore fruit with a publisher. But in 2001 due to the tragedy of 9/11, my contract with [the] publisher was cancele

[Interview] Clive Collins

Clive Collins is a lecturer at the University of Tokyo in Japan. He has also taught at The Open University in Northern Ireland and at the University of Sierra Leone's Fourah Bay College. His books include the award-winning short story collection, Misunderstandings (Marion Boyars Publishers, 1993); the novels, The Foreign Husband (Marion Boyars Publishers, 1989) and Sachiko's Wedding (Marion Boyars Publishers, 1990; Penguin Books, 1991) as well as the blog novel, The Fat White Woman . In this email interview, Collins talks about his concerns as a writer. When did you start writing? As a child I was telling stories before I was able to write them. My mother was a wonderful storyteller and passed the gift (or is it a curse?) on to me. I loved essay writing when I was at school, the greater the scope for using my imagination, the better. I was blessed in having some wonderful teachers for English and also for history. In particular, I remember a man called Jack Pea